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Here’s What Angelina Jolie Gets on a Run to Whole Foods

If you’ve been feeling a lack of Angelina Jolie news lately, you’re in luck. According to Daily Mail, the actor was photographed with two of her six children, Zahara, 13 and Knox, 9, at Whole Foods in Los Angeles. Besides being a welcome glimpse of the star, it also gave us some insight into what she and her family eat.

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Much like the rest of us, Jolie didn’t seem to go especially wild at Whole Foods and stuck with a lot of the basics. Oatmeal, veggies and some snacks. Maybe she’s heard the store referred to as “whole paycheck” too and didn’t want to end up dropping the well-earned tens of millions she’s probably raking in for Maleficent 2 on an assortment of organic marmalades (she made a hot $20 million for the first film.) 

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Unlike the rest of us, Jolie looked chic as heck, wearing all black with a loosely-fitted trench coat (is this the secret to essentially wearing a robe in public? Because if so, we are all about it) and pants, and some very cool Fendi sunglasses. She was also dressed in stiletto boots, which is not how we’d typically refer to our grocery-shopping slippers.

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Here’s the list of everything the photographer was able to spot in Jolie’s cart:

  • 365 plain oatmeal
  • Nature’s Path maple-brown sugar oatmeal
  • Brussels sprouts
  • 365 applesauce

Does this seem like the cart of a busy mom who just needs some staples in the house for when her kids get hungry? Totally. But if we were her, next time, we’d live a little and splurge on some chips and guac.

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