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Starbucks Is Conjuring Up a Magical New Frappuccino

In case your horoscope missed it this month, there’s something very exciting to look forward to in your future. Nope, it’s not new love. Ah, not a new job either. But still very exciting. What is it? I’m getting a reading…

It’s a Crystal Ball Frappuccino from Starbucks!

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Take a break from your tarot cards to try out this fun new offering. Photos have been rolling in on Instagram from baristas and sign designers who are getting ready for the drink, which will be launching tomorrow.
Although Starbucks hasn’t confirmed the release, the colorful new drink is rumored to taste like peaches and cream with white mocha around the cup and rock candy sprinkles.

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While several stores have posted that the drink will be available starting March 22, a few people seem to have worked their magic on the baristas to get them a day early. But don’t leave it up to fate — you’ll need to be quick. Other outlets have reported the drink will only be available through March 25.

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Starbucks has rolled out several limited-time options in recent years that have generated quite a bit of hype, like the Unicorn Frappuccino from April 2017 or the Dragon Frappuccino later the same month. They’ve also used drinks to celebrate holidays, like the Vampire Frappuccino from Halloween of last year. All told, if you haven’t become a Starbucks Gold member yet, it probably won’t be long before you conjure up enough points.

Just don’t skip the whipped cream on this one or you might not be able to see into your future.

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