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People Are Arguing That Uncrustables Are Actually Ravioli — No, We’re Not Kidding

There are some debates that will never leave either party satisfied — like whether hot dogs are sandwiches, whether the dress was blue or gold, whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie or the latest, whether Uncrustables can reasonably be categorized as (*sigh*) ravioli.

The question first got raised when someone stumbled upon the Wikipedia page for sealed crustless sandwiches that labeled them as ravioli. A debate started on Tumblr: the sandwiches might also be classified as dumplings or burritos, it argued, and later, Wikipedia alterations said it could be an empanada or pasty. As of this writing, the Wikipedia page had been updated to put Uncrustables in the dumpling category, but who knows what food product it will be classified as by the time this whole thing is over?

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I mean, really, at least the internet is having a relatively good-natured fit about the whole thing.

For their part, Uncrustables tried to put an end to the debate:

It’s not the first time we’ve gotten into debates like this. In July of last year, Pop Tarts also blew up the internet as being possible to classify as ravioli. That may have been where the argument originated, even if it hibernated for a while, as user Raf Cordero commented that Uncrustables were both ravioli and dumplings. And this was all more than six months ago!

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For now, perhaps the best argument against Uncrustables being an Italian dish is that classifies ravioli as a “pasta” dish that is typically filled with a “savory filling (as of meat or cheese).” So, unless you want to start filling Uncrustables with goat cheese or sausage — which we do not recommend — ravioli are probably safe in a separate category.

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That does still make you wonder: Is pasta just bread? And if so, does that make lasagna a type of stacked sandwich?

We’ll leave you to discuss.

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