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You’re Going to Love This Combo — Cold-Brew Coffee-Infused Red Wine

Unless you’ve been living in a foodie bomb shelter, you probably know that cold-brew coffee is pretty beloved by coffee aficionados. Made by soaking a larger percentage of coffee grounds in cold water, the result is a smoother, warmer coffee drink than a traditional iced coffee, and people can’t get enough. Starbucks makes their own version, there is an abundance of recipes online to brew your own at home, and like most things they adore, foodies have been eager to turn cold brew into all kinds of recipes. There’s cold-brew barbecue sauce, cold-brew brownies, cold-brew ice cream and dozens of other remixes.

Now there’s a new cold-brew concoction on the market: cold-brew red wine.

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Created by Apothic, the blend was ideated after Deb Juergenson, Apothic winemaker, fell in love with cold brew last summer. “Quickly, I realized that many of the characteristics in cold brew coffee and red wine naturally complement each other,” Juergenson said in a press release.

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Apothic Brew has notes of mocha and red fruit, and although it’s made with coffee, the entire bottle has less caffeine than a cup of decaf coffee. Like most red wines, the team recommends serving it at room temperature or slightly chilled.

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If this sounds right up your alley, it will be available for limited release in April. Small-batch releases like this can mean it’s hard to find, so you may need to do extra legwork to track a bottle down. Apothic often sells their wines at major grocers like Safeway, Trader Joe’s and Target, but no word yet if their Brew blend will be featured at these stores. You might have better luck at The Barrel Room, which carries all their wines.

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