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Weight Watchers Is Launching Blue Apron-Style Meal Kits

A lot of us are trying to embark on healthier lifestyles as we get closer (thank goodness) to summer, but sometimes life gets in the way of the best of intentions. If we’re in a rush or don’t have healthy food prepped and available, we don’t make the best choices. (And by we, I mean me.) 

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Yesterday, March 8, Weight Watchers announced the launch of the WW Healthy Kitchen, which will include meal kits and kitchen tools designed to make it easier for people to incorporate healthy habits into their lives.

The food world is pretty saturated with meal kit brands, with Blue Apron being the most easily recognizable name. But this meal kit, created in partnership with FreshRealm, will be specifically designed to adhere to WW Freestyle-inspired recipes.

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“At WW, our goal is to be a partner to everyone on their pursuit toward healthier living,” said Mindy Grossman, president and CEO of Weight Watchers International Inc., in a press release. “We know people today need the tools, inspiration and community to develop healthy habits in their day-to-day lives. Whether through a collection of delicious and satisfying recipes, custom WW kitchen tools, or fresh, quick-prep meal kits, we are delivering the solutions that make healthy eating and cooking accessible, easier, and simpler for all.”

This sounds pretty great, but there is one big difference between these meal kits and those sold by services like Blue Apron. The Weight Watchers meal kits will not be delivered to your door, but will instead be sold at grocery stores. There’s no word yet on how much the kits will cost or how many meals will be included in each kit, but the average cost of most meal kits on the market is $60 to $75 per week (three meals), so we would expect the Weight Watchers meal kits to be somewhere close to that price point.

The new product line, which is launching in conjunction witht the meal kits, will include options such as water bottles with built-in tea or fruit infusers as well as storage and containers with compartments for easy fresh food on the go and tools to make meal prep simple.

The meal kits and other individual new products are expected to be in stores later this year.

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