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Lucky Charms Is Adding a Brand-New Marshmallow

Lucky Charms has always been something of a unicorn of the cereal industry — and now they will be so quite literally.

This week, General Mills announced a permanent marshmallow is being added to Lucky Charms starting this month, and it will be a (drum roll, please)… unicorn!

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The white unicorn will have purple and blue highlights and will join the other permanent marshmallow family members, such as the heart, star, horseshoe, clover, moon and balloon marshmallows. The hourglass was retired earlier this month and will no longer appear in your box of Lucky Charms.

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To be fair, we feel like this is a definite upgrade. Who wouldn’t choose a unicorn over an hourglass? That’s probably how this unicorn came to be, actually — this is the first marshmallow that was actually chosen directly by fans. Lucky Charms reached out to fans via Instagram and Twitter, asking, “If you could pick the #NextLuckyCharm, what would it be? Use an emoji to tell us!” — and while there were lots of ideas, the unicorn came out in first place.

We’re not surprised. They are pretty magical.

“Our goal is to not only create a cereal that families and cereal fans will love and enjoy, but to inspire magical possibilities and help spark imagination and fun no matter what the age,” Josh DeWitt, marketing manager of Lucky Charms, said in the statement announcing the addition of the new marshmallow. “That’s why, after 10 years, we decided to introduce a new charm with the help of the keepers of magic themselves — kids. They spoke, and after hearing their love for the magical unicorn, we listened.

We’re pretty excited to try a bowl!

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