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There’s a New Ramen Flavor on the Market — Chicken Nugget & French Fries

Chicken nuggets + french fries + instant ramen = a pretty well-rounded college diet.

But to eat all three at once? Color us intrigued.

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Popular ramen noodle brand Nissin released a new flavor yesterday: Big Cup Noodle Potenage. According to SoraNews24, “potenage” is a mash of potato and “nagetsu” is Japanese for nuggets. In each cup, you’ll find “chicken nuggets,” sliced french fries, green onions, scrambled eggs and a soy sauce-based broth. For the record, chicken nuggets are in quotation marks in Nissin’s press release too, so we’ll admit we’re a bit hesitant to try that. But it can’t be that bad considering Nissin’s “mystery meat” was discovered to be a mixture of pork, soybeans and vegetable extract.

Big Cup Noodle Potenage
Image: Nissin

Notice anything about the packaging? The color scheme is pretty similar to that of McDonald’s.

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The staff over at SoraNews24 taste-tested the instant ramen, saying that everything in the cup, after spending a few minutes in the microwave, “had cooked up nice and fluffy.”

“The chicken nuggets are small in size, but pack plenty of flavor with their spicy breading,” SoraNews24 writes, “and their meat is moist and tender all the way to the center.” They continue to say the potato chunks (the “french fries”) have an “enticing aroma” and are “soft and delicious.”

To further cater to college kids, this particular flavor comes in a larger size. Nissin’s Cup Noodle sub-brand Big french fries and nuggets flavor weighs 94 grams versus its usual 77-gram cup — which means more bang for your buck.

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Unfortunately, this is only sold in Japanese grocery stores (for about $1.80 each). But don’t worry; there’s plenty of slightly out-of-the-ordinary ramen flavors to choose from at your nearby grocery store. For instance, Nissin also sells spicy lime shrimp, seafood and even a curry flavors.

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