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Golden Girls Hot Sauce Is a Thing That Now Exists

If you thought The Golden Girls couldn’t get any hotter, think again.

Thanks to woman-owned, women-operated gift site Always Fits, you can now get your hands on Golden Girls hot sauce featuring Dorothy, Sophia, Blanche and Rose’s faces. Each bottle is appropriately named too.

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Golden Girls hot sauce
Image: Always Fits

If you want your food hot, hot, hot, then opt for Sicilian Fire or Hot Slut, both made with habanero peppers, carrot purée, garlic and other spices. If you’re a wimp like me and can’t handle the heat, then you’ll want to try jalapeño hot sauces Desert Rose or Bea Spicy instead.

The hot sauces are authentic too. Always Fits partnered with Southwest Specialty Food straight out of Arizona. What makes Southwest Specialty Food so unique, aside from the fact that they’ve been making high-quality hot sauce for over 30 years, is they grow and harvest all the habanero and jalapeño peppers used in their sauces — the same peppers used in the Golden Girls hot sauces. You can guarantee they’ll be hot too; they’re responsible for setting mouths on fire with their Ass Kickin’ Hot Sauce.

That’s not all. Each bottle has a hot sauce cheesecake recipe listed on the back!

Golden Girls cheesecake recipe label
Image: Always Fits

“Take your favorite Miami ladies out to the lanai for cheesecake: hot m*********ing cheesecake,” the other side of the bottle reads.

Image: Giphy

The Always Fits team thought of everything.

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You can pick up a bottle for $10 or get all four for $32 on Always Fits’ website. They also sell Golden Girls makeup bags, umbrellas…
Golden Girls Clue, Golden Girls Monopoly and, yes, prayer candles.
Don’t mind me as I click “purchase” on my Desert Rose bottle…

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