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Applebee’s Is Serving Up $1 Bahama Mamas All Month Long

Applebee’s is back at it again with its monthlong $1 cocktail deals, my friends.

By now, you’ve definitely fully recovered from their $1 margaritas, appropriately called the Dollarita, served the entire month of October; and you’ve probably only partially recovered from its $1 Long Island ice teas — called the Dollar L.I.T. — in December. Well, prepare your livers, because another $1 cocktail is coming to an Applebee’s near you starting Feb. 1.

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Applebee’s first teased the drink yesterday on its Instagram account with the caption, “Get ready to get tropical.”

It’s called the DOLLARMAMA. Yes, in all caps — they’re that serious about it.

Bahama Mama Applebee's
Image: Applebee’s

What the heck is a DOLLARMAMA, you ask? It’s the restaurant’s take on a Bahama Mama, of course.

“We’re proud to introduce our own unique twist on the popular Bahama Mama drink to our guests,” said Patrick Kirk, vice president of beverage innovation at Applebee’s. “We know Applebee’s fans are going to love the tropical fruit flavors of the new recipe we created just for the DOLLARMAMA.”

The DOLLARMAMA is made with white rum and a mix of coconut, cherry, orange, pineapple and lime flavors. The best part? You can pick up a Bahama Mama any time, as they’re available in participating locations from open to close.

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Now go blast this song on your way there, and remember: Drink responsibly, friends!

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