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Starbucks Just Made Its Biggest Menu Change in 40 Years

Going for a latte is one of our greatest pleasures on a chilly afternoon, but it looks like doing so has just gotten a bit more complicated — in a good way.

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Starbucks just announced there’s now more than one espresso option for our favorite Starbucks beverages. The chain has added a second espresso alongside their traditional signature espresso option: blonde espresso. You can get it in any of your espresso beverages.

“Our partners are so passionate about their craft and now they get to help our customers discover and personalize the foundation of the beverage — an espresso that is either bold and rich or smooth and bright.” Kris Engskov, president of U.S. Retail for Starbucks, said in a statement. “We want every experience our customers have with us to be perfect for them.”

Starbucks makes the new espresso roast with lightly roasted Latin American and East African beans that, according to a press release, bring out their “sweet citrus notes and smooth body.” Sounds delicious to us!

The blonde espresso, much like the blonde drip in their morning coffee options, is lighter and has a natural sweetness — that means it has a super-smooth taste. But that doesn’t mean it’s lighter in caffeine. The light-roasted espresso promises to have just as much caffeine as the signature variety.

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The new blonde espresso is available nationwide at more than 8,000 participating Starbucks locations beginning today, Tuesday, Jan. 9.

As a blonde myself, it’ll be kind of exciting to order my espresso blonde as well — blonde Americano, blonde cappuccino, blonde caramel macchiato, it never stops being exciting.

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