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Beyoncé Is Not Down With a Beer Company Using Her for Inspiration

Beyoncé sent a cease and desist letter to Lineup Brewing after they cleverly named a pilsner Bïeryoncé in her honor. Unfortunately, she wasn’t crazy in love with the idea.

Katarina Martinez, owner and head brewer of the Brooklyn-based brewery, told Pitchfork, “As a Hispanic, female-run business, I am very inspired by her so I thought I’d pay homage. We’re disappointed she didn’t take it as a compliment, but oh well. It was fun while it lasted!”

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Other than Bïeryoncé, Lineup Brewing is known for using their beers to pay homage to powerful women in pop culture. One of their other beers is called, “I Bet You Think This Beer Is About You,” a reference to the 1972 Carly Simon song, “You’re So Vain.” Martinez also reportedly plans to name one of her bubbly beverages after Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the near future.

According to Bon Appétit, Martinez and her company originally produced Bïeryoncé back in October 2016. Martinez was inspired after she purchased tickets to a Beyoncé concert but then was unable to go.

“I was terribly sad about it, so I decided to name it in her honor,” Martinez explained. “I’m also a Hispanic, woman-owned and operated business, so I really look up to her and the strength and empowerment she promotes with women.”

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The beer was so popular, the company decided to rerelease it in November 2017. But it only took Beyoncé’s team about two weeks to catch wind of the unauthorized branding.

It’s a shame too, because Bon Appétit reports the beer is quite tasty. But as we all know by now, lemonade is Beyoncé’s drink of choice.

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