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We Just Learned What Trump Orders at McDonald’s

He may be loaded, but Donald Trump has no interest in the finer things when it comes to mealtime. Forget the caviar — this POTUS is a glutton for fast food. Trump has never made an effort to conceal his love of greasy calories, either. He celebrated his primary election win with his best buddies, Big Mac and fries, and there was that infamous private jet photo of Trump chowing down on a large bucket of serious pollo action from KFC.

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Now there’s more evidence that the pres. has an appetite rivaling that of another (former) world leader, Henry the VIII. Former Trump campaign aides Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie collaborated on a new book, Let Trump Be Trump — due out on Dec. 5 if you’ve got some Trump fans on your Christmas list. In the book, Lewandowski and Bossie spell out Trump’s go-to McDonald’s order. You might want to pop an Alka-Seltzer before chewing on this lineup if you have a sensitive tummy:

  • Two Big Macs
  • Two Filet-O-Fish
  • Chocolate shake

We’re a little awed; we admit it. Care to guess what Trump’s fave meal racks up in terms of calories? If you guessed “more than two humans should eat in one 24-hour period,” you’re close! This tableful of cholesterol heaven adds up to a mighty 2,500 calories (*gulp!*) — definitely waaaay more than the recommended daily caloric intake for a man his age.

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One brave Business Insider reporter actually attempted to take on Donald’s notorious Mickey D’s order — and it wasn’t pretty. He fought off nausea with each subsequent sandwich, concluding, “I did it, but at what cost? I find it hard to focus on any task at hand, and I feel rather sweaty. That is a vastly unhealthy order. Such an order is monumental; such an order is folly; such an order is…well, Trumpian.”
Hey, let Trump be Trump, all right? We do wonder, though, if Melania tries to make him eat his veggies.

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