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A New Subscription Service Will Deliver Brownies to You Before Your Period

When it’s that time of the month, we want chocolate and lots of it.

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But why should we have to go out and find it when we’re already suffering? We shouldn’t have to, and that’s where a new brownie delivery service comes into play.

Moon Cycle Bakery is a subscription service that will schedule the sweet treats you crave to be delivered each month just before you are scheduled to get your period.

According to the Moon Cycle website, the idea for the subscription service came after the owner had attended a bachelorette party. The intended groom met up with the group at the end of the night and brought a three-tiered chocolate cake, prompting his bride to burst into tears. Possibly, because she was — in addition to being touched by the gesture — in the midst of PMS. An idea was born.

“The deeper we thought about it, the more important it became to nourish the people we wanted to reach as much as we supported, acknowledged, embraced and satisfied them,” explains the bakery website.

The idea behind these baked goods, though, is to feed cravings but also nourish the body. Ingredients like vitamin C, iron, calcium and magnesium are included in these baked goods, which also help with symptoms of PMS. The matcha coconut bites are made with ginger, known to help with cramps.

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Sounds like a brilliant idea to us.

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