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Why Sparkling Espresso Is the New Drink Trend You Need to Try


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I don’t know if there’s an official USDA recommendation for how much coffee you should or shouldn’t drink every day, but I can guarantee you that whatever the number, I surpass it on the daily. From my morning iced coffee to my afternoon pot of French press, there’s always a cup of joe nearby. But there’s a new way to drink coffee that combines my love of all things fizzy (thanks to the LaCroix craze, of course) with my essential daily beverage.

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It’s sparkling espresso.

Sparkling espresso has been popping up in coffee bars around the country for awhile now. But if you can’t get it near you, making it at home is simple. You pour a cup of chilled espresso over ice, then top it with sparkling water. Think of it like an Americano spritzer. Sometimes, people add simple syrup or cream, but it’s just as good when left as is.

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If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can first shake the espresso and ice with mint to give your drink a cooling flavor or top it with a wedge of lemon before serving to play up the refreshing acidity of the espresso.

The carbonation isn’t just super-refreshing, but it also opens up all the flavor in the espresso. Think of how the bubbles in a glass of Champagne make it extra-fragrant and help you identify all of the different notes in your drink; similarly, the bubbles in sparkling espresso help you pick out the different notes in your coffee beans, be they citrus, red fruit, caramel or chocolate.

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Between our love of coffee and our obsession with all things bubbly, sparkling espresso just might be the perfect drink.

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