Gordon Ramsay's Plane Food Is Expanding to More Airports Worldwide

Nov 27, 2017 at 10:35 a.m. ET
Image: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Luckily for you, Gordon Ramsay's palate is not on board with tasteless, overpriced airport food. Eight years ago, the celebrity chef and restaurateur created Gordon Ramsay Plane Food, a low-key swank restaurant in London's Heathrow airport. Now the fabulously grumpy MasterChef and Hell's Kitchen potty mouth is expanding Plane Food to more airports — with gourmet grab-and-go options like beetroot salad and teriyaki salmon — to minimize the culinary suffering of weary air travelers.

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Relax. No one is going to pry your Arby's or Auntie Anne's out of your swollen, oxygen-deprived fingers. But if you're bored with the usual plebeian fare, you might be intrigued by Plane Food's menu. Feel like a nibble? How about some burrata salad (that's a fancy soft sheep cheese, in case you were wondering) or salt and pepper Sichuan squid (yeah, we have no idea either, but it sure beats Chili's To Go). Poor jet-lagged belly grumbling fierce? Need something more filling? Maybe Plane Food's classic short rib beef burger or Cumbrian pork and fennel sausages will hit the spot — and lift your spirits enough to get you through that 11-hour-middle-seat-to-Sydney flight. No mention yet which lucky airports (and travelers) will get to sample Ramsay's Plane Food next. If you're in Boise or Duluth, you might be out of luck. Sorry, guys.

Ramsay released a statement about the delicious expansion. “I’m excited to be partnering with SSP to bring my global vision of Plane Food To Go to the busy traveler. Plane Food To Go is a truly revolutionary concept that will roll out worldwide and build upon the massive success of the original Plane Food dining experience from Heathrow T5. As someone who is in a different airport terminal every week, I know first hand how much Plane Food To Go will enhance every on-the go traveler’s dining experience.”
We're excited too, Gordon. But we're pretty sure you didn't write that press release yourself: not one F-bomb. One request: Can all the new Plane Food locations have flat-screen TVs replaying all your best punching an undercooked salmon moments? Pretty please? We find them strangely soothing — perfect for a 30-hour delay stuck in an airport.