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Hidden Valley Ranch Launched a New Holiday Collection

If someone on your holiday gift list loves ranch dressing (like, really, really loves ranch dressing), Hidden Valley’s new holiday store just may blow their mind.

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Hidden Valley’s online outlet includes all sorts of gift ideas for ranch lovers, but our favorite is the mini ranch keg.

Image: Hidden Valley Ranch

The mini keg is 9.7 inches high and 6.3 inches in diameter, and the lucky person who receives this gift will be able to use it to hold up to five liters of ranch. To that end, this gift actually includes a year’s supply of Hidden Valley ranch and costs $50. You have to preorder it, and it ships on Dec. 1.

Considering you are getting a keg and a year’s worth of ranch, it’s actually an incredible deal and promises to be the most interesting gift under their tree.

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If there’s no room in your life for a keg, other options for the festive ranch fan include a Hidden Valley ranch fountain with a holiday skirt for $110 (which is also incredibly cool in an over-the-top, overwhelming way), an ugly Christmas sweater for $40 and a pair of ranch-themed socks for $12.

Image: Hidden Valley Ranch

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