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Glitter Cappuccinos Are Here to Make Your Holiday Dreams Come True

We’re used to coffee creations that are more about being photo-ready than even the ingredients — from unicorns to rainbows, we’ve seen them all. Except now it’s gone next-level.

Introducing glittery coffee, a creation of Coffee By Di Bella, a coffee chain founded in Australia. Their Mumbai location has just blown up social media thanks to their new glitter-infused cappuccinos.

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If you like a normal cappuccino, you’ll like this one: It’s the same steamed milk and espresso —but then it’s topped with a spoonful of either iridescent, diamond-like glitter or gold sparkles. And the glitter is edible (it’s made of sugar crystals and food coloring) — so it’s totally safe to enjoy without worrying about swallowing shiny dust.

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Unfortunately, for now, you can only get this creation in India — that said, we expect stateside baristas to start making their own versions very soon.

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