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Oreo Is Amping Things Up for the Holidays With This Tasty New Flavor


SheKnows Editorial

When the weather gets cold and the holidays approach, nothing hits the spot more than cookies and cocoa. It’s a sweet and cozy combination that just makes you feel all sorts of good things inside.

But actually going through the effort of baking up a batch of cookies (ugh, have you tried getting cookie dough out of your mixing bowl? It’s a real sponge-ruiner, if you ask me) or trying to make cocoa from scratch that actually tastes good is more than most of us can actually handle during the busy holiday season.

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Enter Oreos. They’ve come up with the perfect solution to our winter munchie woes — hot cocoa Oreos.
They feature the classic dark-chocolate Oreo cookies, but have a double layer of stuffing: a white marshmallow crème layer and a hot cocoa crème layer.

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But if that’s not enough to satisfy your cravings, you can get the ultimate beverage to accompany your treat — Oreo-flavored hot cocoa mix!

Dunking your hot cocoa Oreos into Oreo hot cocoa? Now that’s the stuff holiday dreams are made of. So save your cookie cutters and mixing bowl for now; you can get this dessert inception now at a store near you.

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