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Prince George’s School Lunch Is Better Than Anything We’ve Been Eating


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I remember my preschool lunches with fondness. There were never-ending PB&Js on white bread (no crusts, obvi), lots of applesauce and occasionally a brown rice and tofu dish that I can only assume one of my friend’s hippie parents petitioned for.

And while I wasn’t that surprised to hear that 4-year-old Prince George, who started school at the prestigious Thomas’s Battersea School in London this September, has slightly fancier lunches than what I grew up eating, I was a little shocked (and maybe a little embarrassed?) to realize this preschooler’s lunches are way classier than anything I eat on a regular basis.

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Some sample meals? Here’s what’s available on just one day at the school:

  • Freshly baked organic baguette
  • Freshly prepared fragrant lamb and apricot tagine with orzo spring vegetable pasta salad and carrot and cucumber batons
  • Freshly prepared fish pie topped with creamed sweet potato
  • Freshly prepared vegan chestnut mushroom and pak choi stir-fry
  • Gluten-free lamb tagine with gluten-free pasta salad
  • Vegetarian jelly pots, watermelon and grapes

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There’s a vegetarian and vegan option every day, along with a gluten-free, dairy-free option for allergy-sufferers and a fish option every other day. Basically, Prince George is living large, and compared to my current lunch menu for the week (leftover rice with mushrooms that I’ve been eating for, like, four days), he might as well be dining at a Michelin-star restaurant.

Between this revelation and the fact that Queen Elizabeth is the proud owner of a McDonald’s, I’m more convinced than ever that eating like a royal is something we should all aspire to.

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