The Queen’s Former Personal Chef Dishes All in New Cookbook

God save the queen — but also her chef.

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If you’ve been looking for some ways to add a bit of elegance to your drab meals, there’s now a super-easy way to do it, because the queen’s former chef is releasing a new cookbook. In The Royal Chef at Home, Darren McGrady, former personal chef to Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana, shares easy recipes that are also just a touch elegant (they have been served to royalty, after all.)

The book will have recipes for everything from midday lunches and brunches, teas, indoor and outdoor sit-down and buffet dinners and cocktail parties and is also organized by season, with tips, recipe hacks and so much more.

Darren McGrady worked for the royal family from 1982 until 1993, and as he preps for the book release, he’s been sharing some absolutely stunning news about the monarch’s eating habits.

“Breakfast was very simple for Her Majesty,” former Buckingham Palace chef Darren McGrady said in an interview with The Express Friday. “Some Kellogg’s cereal from a plastic container, which she’d serve herself and Darjeeling tea.”

The queen is also quite the trickster. “She’d say, ‘Make me a mousse for President Reagan.’ She couldn’t have it because there was mayonnaise and sour cream,” McGrady said in The Washington Times. “So she’d say ‘Make me a fat-free version.’ So I did. Often she’d have the fat-free version and the guests were on the full-fat version and no one would know the difference.” 

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This isn’t the first time a cookbook has come out of someone who has spent time cooking at the palace. Last spring, Royal Collection Trust published the palace’s first-ever official teatime cookbook, Royal Teas: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace, written by Royal Chef Mark Flanagan, who served traditional tea services at the queen’s residence for more than a decade. He also released A Royal Cookbook: Seasonal Recipes from Buckingham Palace, meaning we are about ready to complete our royal cookbook collection.


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