Not to Be Outdone by McDonald's, Wendy's Just Announced New Chicken Tenders

Oct 11, 2017 at 10:08 a.m. ET
Image: Wendy's

Last month, McDonald’s announced their new buttermilk chicken tenders, their first foray into chicken tenders since the chicken selects of a decade ago.

Well, someone has taken notice: Wendy’s now has chicken tenders and their new S’Awesome sauce available nationwide. These tenders are made from 100 percent all-white meat chicken breasts and are lightly breaded and seasoned with "simple ingredients," keeping the chicken light and flavorful. It comes with a side of signature S’Awesome sauce, which is said to combine a tangy, sweet and smoky flavor into a one savory sauce.


And the best part of all? Right now, a combo meal including three chicken tenders, fries and a small drink will only set you back $5.

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“We decided to raise the bar because customers deserve better-tasting and quality chicken,” Wendy’s chief concept and marketing officer, Kurt Kane, said in a press release. “After two years of perfecting our new Chicken Tenders and Side of S’Awesome sauce, we knew we had a winner. The only thing left to do was provide these tenders at a price point customers would love.”

The new menu item is now available at locations nationwide.