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These New Boozy Ring Pops Make Super-Chic Party Favors

For some of us (*raises hand enthusiastically*) Campari cocktails like the Negroni are the highlight of any party.

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Well, Campari fans, I hope you’re sitting down, because we’ve got big news.

Campari has partnered with Sweet Saba, a NYC-based designer candy brand, to create edible “cocktail rings,” — the adult version of the ring pops we loved as kids.

Campari cocktail rings
Image: Sweet Saba

They’re not only cute, they’re delicious, and their deep-orange color makes them a staple for all your fall parties. They are crafted in the same reddish-orange as Campari and sit on top of an adjustable silver band. Now, before you get too excited, while these rings have the taste of Campari, they don’t have the booze — so you’ll get the flavor but not the buzz.

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While we’re already thinking this is a perfect stocking stuffer idea, we kind of don’t want to wait that long. Maybe we should start gifting them as party favors for our fall soirees? Thanksgiving dinner, anyone?

The cocktail rings are available for $62 each on the Sweet Saba website, and 10 percent of the purchase proceeds will benefit City Harvest, a nonprofit organization that takes restaurant food leftovers and distributes them to the hungry.

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