Spicy chips are among our favorite snack foods, but sometimes those flavor combos can be a real head-scratcher.

Most of us love a touch of wasabi with our sushi. Perhaps we’re even breaking out wasabi mayo to pair with our seared tuna. But would we want to try wasabi on our chips?

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Doritos is betting on it with their new limited-edition flavor — our favorite bit of hot sushi accompaniment. Instagram user CandyHunting came across wasabi-flavored Doritos at Walmart, but it’s also been spotted on Amazon and at Sam’s Club.

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Anyone who has tried it knows wasabi is intense. It's not generally a flavor we’d imagine for our chips and dips — but maybe it does have a place. Perhaps with poke? Or even crumbled in a seaweed salad? We’re reserving judgment until we give it a proper taste, of course.