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There’s a New Chocolaty Spread That Is Making Us Forget All About Nutella

As much as we all love our Nutella fix, sometimes we have to switch things up a bit. For days like those, we may have just found the answer.

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That is not a manipulated image. Twix Spread actually exists.

Before you grab your keys and drive to the grocery store, the Mars Twix Spread might be hard to come by. This jar of gooey deliciousness is made in the U.K., but if you give it some effort, you’ll be able to find it in U.S. stores like Cost Plus World Market and online.

The smooth spread is sprinkled with crunchy cookie pieces and is basically as if Nutella and cookie butter had a delicious, spreadable baby, a buttery spread comprised of chocolate, caramel and crunchy cookie pieces. It’s pretty natural too — it’s made with milk, sugar, flour, butter and cocoa. Not exactly healthy, but at least it sounds less processed?

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In concept, we’re probably supposed to spread it on some food, be it a piece of apple, or toast or a biscuit. But, really, we’re actually just planning to enjoy it straight from the jar.

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