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Gordon Ramsay Just Showed Us His Perfect American Breakfast


SheKnows Editorial

Gordon Ramsay might be known for his wild behavior in the kitchen on TV, but I’ll be damned if the man doesn’t know how to cook.

He recently released a totally mouthwatering video showing viewers how to make his fave American breakfast — eggs baked in hash browns with a side of brown sugar-glazed bacon. And for those of you who are wondering how anyone could prefer this to a full English breakfast, Ramsay laid down some surprising fighting words: “The best breakfasts in the world are always in America.”

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Quite the compliment coming from a Brit!

The recipe is pretty simple, especially after watching his video. So if you’re like me and the sound of this dish has you drooling, you can whip it up as a simple breakfast-for-dinner tonight.

The steps are pretty straightforward.

First, you grate your Yukon gold potatoes and onion, season with salt, pepper, olive oil and cayenne pepper, then set them in a colander and squeeze out all the water. By doing so, you ensure that once you put the potato mixture in the pan, it’ll get crispy instead of steaming.

Get your pan nice and hot, add olive oil, and spread your potato mixture out in an even, thin layer, pressing it with a spoon so it has as much contact with the pan as possible. Cut a few knobs of butter, and poke them down until they hit the bottom of the skillet — this will help the onions in the mix caramelize.

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Flip the hash browns. Then, crack some eggs on top, sprinkle on some cayenne, and bake in the oven for six to eight minutes. The eggs will cook, and the bottom of the hash browns will continue to get crispy.

Now, onto the bacon, which I think we can agree is the best part of any breakfast.

Ramsay uses some nice, thick bacon, first adding brown sugar, olive oil, salt, pepper and butter to a skillet, then adding the bacon and cooking until it’s coated in a brown sugar glaze.

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Take the hash browns out of the oven and top them with the bacon. When you serve it, each person will have a savory-sweet plate of crispy hash browns, runny egg yolk and caramelized bacon to nosh on.

You know what? I’m starting to regret having oatmeal for breakfast. If you’re left as hungry as I am by this description, watch the video to see how it’s done.

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