La Croix’s New Flavor Gives You Summer All Year Long

La Croix is a well-documented national obsession at this point. I’ve even started ordering cases of it online since I drink so much of it so I don’t have to lug it home myself (shoutout to the rest of you who don’t have a car, but are desperate for seltzer at all times). So when they come out with a new flavor (though I’ll always remain loyal to Pamplemousse), it’s big news.

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The latest to join the ranks? Key lime!

According to a letter sent to shareholders, the Key lime flavor has a “distinctive aroma and sweet-and-tart flavor,” even though it still contains zero sweeteners like the other flavors you love. Even if you usually go for the regular lime LaCroix, this one seems worth seeking out — I mean, a seltzer that basically tastes like Key lime pie sounds like a dream.

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And think of what a great mixer it would make too. Either to top off a glass of fruit juice for a fizzy refreshment or swapped for the tonic in a G&T for a lower-sugar cocktail experience.

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There’s no word yet on when Key lime La Croix will be hitting store shelves, so be on the lookout. In the meantime, regular lime La Croix will suffice, or if you’re feeling fancy, why not pick up a bag of Key limes to squeeze into your seltzer all day long?