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Martha Stewart Has Very Strong Feelings About Pumpkin Spice


SheKnows Editorial

Martha Stewart is all about embracing the seasons, so when I heard her stance on pumpkin spice, I was honestly shocked.

On an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, she was asked, “Martha, is pumpkin spice-everything delicious or for basic bitches only?”

Her response? “The latter.”

Mind. Blown.

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Never mind the fact that she has dozens of “pumpkin spice” recipes and several pumpkin spice-inspired DIYs on her website. Martha has apparently had it with that beguiling combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger (is that the agreed upon formula?) that makes every food it touches taste like autumn.

Now, I think that having too strong an opinion either way on pumpkin spice is a little strange. Loving it so much you want it on pizza or sushi? Weird. Hating it so much you refer to people who like it as “basic bitches?” Also kinda weird.

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But give me a pumpkin spice coffee on Sept. 1 to celebrate the changing seasons or add extra pumpkin spice to my pie on Thanksgiving (before Christmas and peppermint hysteria hit), and I’m a happy girl.

Sadly, Stewart doesn’t feel the same way. And though I’m surprised by the revelation, Andy Cohen was delighted. “Martha Stewart says pumpkin spice is for basic bitches, you guys. I love this — this is the greatest moment of this show ever!” he exclaimed after she answer the viewer’s question.

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Whatever you say, guys. It just means more seasonally appropriate pumpkin spice for me.

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