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Alert: Chili’s Might Be Cutting Your Favorite Dish From Their Menu


SheKnows Editorial

2017 hasn’t been the best year for a lot of us, and it’s about to get worse — especially if you’re a fan of major American restaurant chains, where the menu can be counted upon to deliver comforting, consistent meals, if nothing else. But now, Chili’s has announced that they’re slashing their menu by a whopping 40 percent, meaning 75 items from their gloriously massive 125-item menu will be gone forever, and I’m seriously livid.

The theory: By reducing the number of foods they serve, Chili’s can focus on providing better quality. But I call BS! The chain is getting rid of two of my favorite vegetarian appetizers, crispy asparagus and Buffalo fried cauliflower, and their light and healthy mango tilapia. Instead, they’re going to double down on their “meatier burgers, ribs and fajitas,” Chili’s president Kelli Valade said in a press release.

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Yes, 125 items is a lot. But honestly, you can go anywhere in town and get a burger. Items like crispy asparagus and Buffalo cauliflower are what keeps me going back to Chili’s time and again — their uniqueness and relatively high quality make them a favorite. They’re also citing the high price of avocados as a detriment to profits, so be on the lookout to see if your favorite avocado-containing dishes are axed from the menu too.

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Apparently, business has been down at Chili’s, which is why they’re revamping the menu. But ironically, they’re going to lose the business of people like me, who go back again and again for certain menu items that are about to go extinct.

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It is what it is, and if I want to go to a restaurant where the menu doubles as substantial reading material, there’s always the Cheesecake Factory. In the meantime, hopefully Chili’s will still be serving huge margaritas, because I have a feeling that the next time I eat there, I’ll need one.

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