My Kids Are Finally Snacking on Health Food Thanks to RXBAR Kids

Sep 27, 2017 at 10:30 a.m. ET
Image: Teresa Short/Getty Images

One of the first big lessons I learned as a mom was the importance of choosing my battles. Some things are worth fighting for, and others, well... you just have to let them go. Unfortunately, one of the areas I tend to give in on is snack time. My kids are picky eaters, and honestly, they learned most of their bad eating habits from me.

A few weeks ago, we were strolling through the grocery store when my girls stopped to try one of the samples being offered. I had heard of RXBARs before because quite a few of my friends love them, but I didn't know they had come out with a line of bars for kids. Knowing they were healthy, I expected my girls to toss out their sample and head straight for the candy aisle — their usual routine. Surprisingly, my kids not only ate the entire sample without spitting any out, they loved it.

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I wanted to break out in song and dance right there in the middle of the store. People don't realize how agonizing scouring store shelves for a healthy snack your kids will actually eat can be until they've been in that position. So try to imagine my elation when my girls asked to buy some to take home. We picked up a few boxes of RXBAR Kids, and they have become my kids' go-to snack.

These snack bars are protein-packed and full of other real ingredients, like egg whites, almonds and dates. On the surface, that might not sound super-kid-friendly, but bear with me. The flavors are apple-cinnamon-raisin, chocolate chips and berries — all flavors kids love — and they have none of those fake ingredients you'll find in other snack bars. There's also no sugar, soy, dairy or gluten. Basically, these are the kinds of bars I'd choose for myself, but designed for my kids.


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And even better, they're individually packaged and are completely crumble-free, so they're great for on-the-go. Now we grab these for breakfast in the car on mornings when we're short on time and throw them in our bags for evenings and weekends spent at the soccer fields.


My kids can read, so they've figured out that they're a healthy snack option from the wording on the packages, but they taste so good they don't care. Healthy snacking is actually a thing at my house, and I have RXBAR Kids to thank for it. I'm still working on getting my kids to drink more water and not push vegetables around on their plates, but hey, every little bit counts. If snack time can be this healthy, I'll count it as a win.

This post was sponsored by RXBAR Kids.