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Starbucks Now Has a Turmeric Latte, but There’s a Catch

If you ever needed a reason to jump on a plane to London, this is it. U.K. Starbucks has launched a turmeric latte, and we’re so jealous.

The hot drink is made of steamed milk blended with turmeric and poured over espresso, leading to a golden color that will play well to both latte art and Instagram images.

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Turmeric is incredibly on trend of late, but it dates back to ancient times for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It’s also a very popular ingredient in Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. It’s even said to potentially have some cancer-fighting benefits, but that has yet to be proven — still, if we can do our part by having a latte, we’re all about it.

The new latte with turmeric is available in almost 200 stores across greater London starting this week for £2.65 for a short. Maybe we’ll get lucky and it’ll do so well in the U.K., it’ll come to America.

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We’re crossing our fingers. But in the meantime, if you can’t fly to London and can’t wait for these tasty lattes to come to America, we have a delicious recipe for warm turmeric milk that is to die for.

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