Philadelphia Woman Completes 10K, Stops at Every Taco Shop Along the Way

We picture those who run marathons as being vastly healthier beings — all about the kale salad and the electrolyte smoothies. But sometimes runners… they are just like us.

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Anna Orso of Philadelphia, a contributor to the Billy Penn online publications, was not an official participant in the Philly 10K, but did run the route — she just did so while having a lot more fun than the typical athlete.

Orso took the brilliant spin of finding every taco spot on the way (which she walked rather than ran, because #goals) and stopped by 13 taco spots along the way.

She completed the 10K and also ate 14 tacos and even made time to enjoy a margarita. While her trainer may not approve, we do — and will be consulting Orso before all future workouts.

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Our new fitness hero also documented her entire “marathon” online, and it’s a must-read. Ultimately, it took her five hours to complete her route, which we think is a pretty impressive walk — and totally cancels out those tacos, right?


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