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Target Has a New Wine Collection, & It Is Super-Affordable

We count on Target for affordable paper goods and school supplies, but would we go there to stock up on wine?

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Turns out, it may not be a bad idea. Target just announced that they are launching their own line of wines starting on Sept. 3.

And better than the wine being available at a spot we’re going to anyway, they also appeal to our economic sensibilities. The bottles are just $5 each, and that means — yes — they are even more affordable than Trader Joe’s famous Two Buck Chuck.

Aside from our obviously elegant wine tastes, the variety seems downright good. The Target line will include all the blends we clearly need in our lives — chardonnay, pinot grigio, moscato, cabernet sauvignon and a red blend. Sounds like a perfect dinner party, right?

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“California Roots offers guests delicious, high-quality everyday bottled wine at great value,” reads their press release. We’re sold. Especially on the $5 part. Cheers to that.

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