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Oreo Reveals Their Mystery Flavor Is Fruity Pebbles

Updated Dec. 6, 2017, 11:30 a.m. ET: Well, the mystery is over. Oreo has officially revealed the flavor of their mystery cookie and (drum roll, please)… it’s Fruity Pebbles! Yes, your favorite cereal is the delicious flavor behind Oreo’s mystery cookie.

Back in October, Oreo took to social media to ask people to submit their best flavor guesses. Lots of users submitted Fruity Pebbles as their best guess, but the official winner has yet to be announced.

Original story (published Aug. 24, 2017): Surprises are murky ground in that we never know if what we get will be worth the anticipation. But in the case of a new variety of Oreo, we’re pretty confident the news is going to be good.

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Instagram user @TheJunkFoodAisle, who can always be counted on to share breaking candy news, just posted an alert about upcoming mystery Oreo.

It’s likely this is the winning flavor from the My Oreo Creation contest, but we do not know if it’s a fan creation flavor or perhaps an older flavor making a special return. During the My Oreo Creation contest, Oreo had tested many potential flavor contenders, from salted caramel to coffee to raspberry Danish and many more. No telling if the mystery flavor being teased was one of these or another entirely.

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Oreo can always be counted on for fun new varieties. Just recently they have launched both apple pie and PB&J flavors, so we’re excited to see what might be coming next.

Considering their recent flavor launches have been pretty seasonal, I’m wondering if they have something fall-related in the works. Chocolate-hazelnut maybe? Pecan pie? Cinnamon-caramel?

What do you think the new mystery flavor is? Let us know in the comments below.

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