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M&M’s Launches New Flavor Just in Time for Halloween

While we are desperately trying to hold onto the final gasps of summer, it seems the candy aisle has steamrolled right past back-to-school and is readying for Halloween.

Instagram user JunkBanter, known for leaking breaking snack information, has revealed Cookies and “Screeem” M&M’s can be found right now at Target. Aside from the seasonally appropriate name, it’s also inspired by a flavor many of us have long loved — cookies and cream.

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The flavor, which seems to be much like our imagined (er, fantasized about) M&M’s and Oreo baby, is made up of a dark chocolate shell, white chocolate filling and a white-speckled coating.

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The release of Cookies and Screeem M&M’s wasn’t the only news JunkBanter dropped. “Of course this is all spooky foreplay for the Triple Chocolate M&M’s coming this winter, which have milk, dark, & white,” JunkBanter wrote in their post.

We’ll have to wait to see if this is true, but it sure does sound delectable.

For now, we have tasty cookie-themed candies, and that’s good enough news for me. I think it’s safe to assume these will be available in all major stores soon, but for the time being, get in your car and get to your local Target ASAP.

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