Treatza Pizza Lunchables Are Making a Comeback

Aug 23, 2017 at 12:26 p.m. ET
Image: Lunchables

OK, '90s kids, I've got some nostalgic news that you might want to sit down for.

You ready?


Lunchables Pizza and Treatza boxes are officially making a comeback. I know your heart is probably racing with excitement (as is mine), so let's dive into the details.

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In my opinion, the Pizza and Treatza boxes were the most fun of all the Lunchables because they transformed lunch into a pizza creation experience. And just like the original Lunchables, the new ones will also come complete with pizza crusts, Kraft mozzarella shreds and tomato sauce. And of course we can't forget the dessert pizza — chocolate frosting and candy-coated chocolate chips.

Well, there is something else. To make things even more retro cool, each box includes a Roarin’ Waters Capri Sun. We’re so excited.


You’ll find these treats on shelves at most major grocery stores for $2.99, which is quite the bargain when you consider the food and experience (and nostalgia!) inside the box.

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And yes, this is might not be the healthiest lunch choice we can make (pizza, dessert, sugar, salt, we can go on…), but sometimes you just need some classic comfort, right?