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Starbucks Launches Patriotic New Coffee Sleeves for a Great Cause

Chances are, when you visit Starbucks each morning, you are so fixated on your caffeine infusion, you don’t even notice the cup that coffee goes in, let alone the protective sleeve.

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However, were you alert enough to pay attention, you may have noticed Starbucks launched new camouflage-patterned sleeves yesterday that read, “10,000 veterans and military spouses hired. And counting.” The sleeve is part of Starbucks’ commitment to hiring veterans and military spouses.

Image: Starbucks

The camouflage also shows a bit of Starbucks’ theme in the pattern by featuring abstract coffee bean shapes in traditional greens and browns.

“With the cup sleeve, it was a two-fold message. We really wanted to let people know that we met our goal to create 10,000 jobs for veterans and military spouses by 2018, and that we’ve renewed that commitment by adding 15,000 more by 2025,” Carole Guizzetti, creative manager of Starbucks’ brand and advertising team, said in a press release. “But the second fold is why do we do that, and the short answer is because they make us better.”

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Starbucks has a long history of supporting the military, and their commitment to renewing their patriotic endeavor is really inspiring. Kudos to you, Starbucks!

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