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Apple Pie Oreos Have Finally Arrived (Sort Of)

Apple Pie Oreos now exist, and we can’t think of a more beautifully American way to stock up for our Labor Day picnics.

Instagram account @CandyHunting, known for having junk food news before anyone else, posted this picture to Instagram stating that the cookies are available on the website but aren’t in stock yet.

The cookies are indeed listed on the Target website and run for $2.99. We don’t know exactly when they will hit store shelves, but they are expected to be released later this month.

Oreo has a rich history of really fun limited-edition flavors, and some are pretty far out there, from PB&J to jelly doughnut — but this new apple pie variety just makes a kind of simple sense, pairing graham cracker-flavored cookies with whipped apple pie-flavored cream filling.

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Interestingly, rumors of upcoming Apple Pie Oreos began nearly a year ago, but this is the first real-life sighting, and we can’t wait to taste them!

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As for how to enjoy these new Oreos, may we suggest pairing them with some ice cream for a fitting summer sendoff?

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