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Coke Zero’s Getting a Major Makeover

For some people (*raises hand*), Coke Zero qualifies as a bit of an obsession. I can cop to the fact that I buy it by the case at wholesale markets just because I can’t fathom an afternoon without the pick-me-up. So to me, the latest Coke Zero news feels a bit like thinking an ex is dating someone new. At first, there’s shock, confusion and self-pity — followed by sweet relief when you discover said ex was just having lunch with a co-worker.

A similar phenomenon is currently going down across the internet as people freak out about the sudden announcement that Coke Zero is ending distribution in the U.S. in August — but it’s actually not; it’s just getting a new hairstyle. Coke Zero is being replaced by Coke Zero Sugar, which has existed in 25 other countries since last year, including the U.K. and Mexico.

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So don’t fret, because the new Coke Zero Sugar recipe contains zero sugar and calories, and it has the same caffeine content as Coke Zero. “We’re confident our new and improved Coke Zero Sugar recipe delivers a great taste that Coke Zero fans in the U.S. will love,” said the company in a statement. “We’ve made the great taste of Coke Zero even better by optimizing the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste.”

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But if you’re still attached to the original Coke Zero for whatever reason — no judgment! — this would be a good time to visit every big-box store you can find and stock up. (This writer may or may not own eight cases right now — not sorry.)

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