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Taco Bell & Lyft Partner Up to Woo Drunken Taco-Eating Customers


SheKnows Editorial

I live in Los Angeles, so I use Lyft a lot. Our public transit isn’t great, everything is far away, and I want to be able to enjoy a glass or two of wine without breaking the law and putting lives in danger — ride-share services help me do all of that.

But after a long night of dancing to ’90s music at my favorite club, my long Lyft ride is basically an exercise in torture as we pass Taco Bell after Taco Bell on the drive home. My friends and I have discussed it so many times — what if Lyft could take you through the drive-thru? It would be the perfect end to the night.

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Well, Lyft is apparently listening, because they just announced that they’re rolling out “Taco Mode.” When riders select Taco Mode for their ride, they’ll get a taco-themed car, a custom Taco Bell menu and (best of all!) a free taco when they go through the drive-thru. I am so beyond here for this!

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Currently, Lyft is testing out Taco Mode in Orange County, California, but they say that they’re going to expand and hope for the program to be available across the U.S. in 2018.

I’m excited to see what other forms this program might take. Pizza Mode would obviously be wildly successful, Noodle Mode would get me into a total tizzy — the options are basically endless.

Taco Mode may not be available everywhere just yet, but at least there’s hope. The next time I’m suffering through the long ride home, I can think of my future taco hauls and hopefully find some peace.

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