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Table Service at McDonald’s? Yes, Please!

Because beaches, warm weather and swaying palm trees just aren’t enough, Floridians just got something that will make the rest of the country even more jealous of the Sunshine State.

Six hundred McDonald’s stores in Florida received pretty sweet makeovers, most of them revamping their service with digital self-order kiosks and table service. Basically, it’s now easier than ever to order exactly what you want and to sit down and savor each bite of your meal, whether that includes a classic Big Mac or a custom Signature Crafted Recipe item.

McDonald's gets a facelift
Image: McDonald’s

The newly introduced Signature Crafted Recipes are a way for customers to create their perfect sandwich. You can choose from a 100 percent beef burger, grilled chicken or buttermilk crispy chicken (my usual!). Choose between an artisan roll or classic sesame seed bun, then choose from one of the three new signature recipes — including options with pico guacamole (a mashup of Hass avocado guacamole and pico de gallo), sweet BBQ bacon, Sriracha Mac sauce and crispy or grilled onions — to bring an added dimension of flavor and texture to your meal.

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The Signature Sriracha Sandwich sounds especially droolworthy. First of all, it’s loaded with both kale and baby spinach, so you can get your greens in while still enjoying a satisfying meal. Then it’s topped with crispy onions and the new Sriracha Mac sauce, which brings just enough vinegary heat and spice to balance out any other toppings you might want. And let’s be real — when I’m at home, I put Sriracha on basically everything, so why wouldn’t I want it drizzled on my crispy chicken sandwich or as a side for my Chicken McNuggets too?

McDonald's gets a facelift
Image: McDonald’s

Using the self-order kiosks lets diners see all of the custom options available to them so they can order exactly what they want every time. It’s a lot less stressful than trying to remember to tell the person at the register and will keep lines moving quickly.

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After you’ve ordered at hundreds of locations in Florida, you’ll be able to sit back, relax and wait for a McDonald’s crew member to deliver your meal right to your table. For now, the restaurants offering table service are only doing it for select hours during the day —  but fingers crossed that it’ll be 24/7 soon, right? The drive-thru is great when you’re on the go, but table service is where it’s at when you just want to kick back and enjoy every bite.

McDonald's gets a facelift
Image: McDonald’s

I already thought of Florida as a magical vacationland, but now I’m even more convinced. Getting to eat my fave fast-food creations while enjoying the benefits of table service sounds like the perfect way to treat myself, even when I’m in a hurry, so I can finish my meal satisfied before getting back out to enjoy the sunshine at the beach.

This post is sponsored by McDonald’s.

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