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Shake Shack’s Chicken Sandwiches Are Getting Spicy

Nashville-style hot chicken has been having a moment of late, with varieties popping up everywhere from KFC to Wendy’s and Chick-fil-A. But the latest incarnation is one we’re very, very excited to try.

Shake Shack is about to launch Hot Chick’n, a spicy cousin to their traditional Chik’n Shack. The Hot Chick’n is the same crispy chicken as in the traditional sandwich, which is buttermilk-marinated and fried, but the hot version is also marinated in a blend of peppers (guajillo and cayenne seasonings — have mercy) and then topped with Louisiana hot sauce slaw and dill pickles.

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The new Hot Chick’n sandwich debuts in August in select Shake Shack locations nationwide, and while we haven’t been lucky enough to try it yet, there is a sneak preview available.

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“The signature Shake Shack bread was consistently Good with a capital ‘G’ because it’s [sic] bread and carbs are life. It was also a potato roll, truly hard to screw up,” Sarah Solomon wrote on TheStreet. “They didn’t skimp on the meat, and the overall spiciness of the chicken piqued my interest without sending me stumbling for water. The coleslaw and pickles were a nice touch. I enjoy copious amounts of both on any given occasion, but they complemented the spiciness of the fried chicken, dulling the heat and adding texture.”

Definitely counting down to the minute when we’re able to verify that Solomon’s assessment is true.

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