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Who Needs Chipotle When You Can Get Queso at Wendy’s Now?


SheKnows Editorial

Lately, it seems like everyone has taken a page out of my middle school snacking book, because queso is popping up everywhere these days. First, McDonald’s started testing cheese fries in a couple of locations. Then, there was the big news that at their test store in New York, Chipotle is testing queso to be eaten as a dip with chips or included in burritos, tacos and burrito bowls.

But finally, Wendy’s has come to blow them both out of the water, because they’re introducing three new queso-loaded items to their menu, and they’re all actually available across the country (for a limited time).

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There’s the bacon-queso chicken sandwich, which features a crispy chicken filet, and the bacon-queso burger containing the signature Wendy’s square burger patty. Both sandwiches are topped with spicy poblano queso, fire-roasted salsa, red onions, Applewood smoked bacon and shredded cheddar cheese and are served on a red jalapeño bun. Yu-u-um.

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But what sounds even better than those queso sandwiches? The bacon-queso fries. I feel like these are pretty self-explanatory, but here goes. They’re natural-cut sea salt fries drizzled with poblano queso and topped with cheddar cheese and Applewood-smoked bacon. I’m so relieved there isn’t a Wendy’s near my apartment or I would be there every day to get my hands on these.

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The prices are pretty reasonable too (but honestly, who would mind paying a premium for queso?). The burger goes for $4.99, the crispy chicken goes for $5.39 and the bacon-queso fries are just $2.49.

All of Wendy’s new queso items are available at participating locations nationwide, so go forth and indulge in that cheesy, cheesy goodness. They’re available for a limited time, but maybe if we’re enthusiastic enough, we can get Wendy’s to make queso a permanent addition to the menu. Fingers crossed!

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