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This Online Store Sells Everything (Even Organic Products!) for $3


SheKnows Editorial

We’ve all been to the dollar store, and they do have some good deals — party supplies, picture frames and the like. But the quality can be pretty spotty, and the food deals aren’t usually that great. I mean, who actually wants to pay a full buck for a can of old green beans?

Then there’s the other side of the spectrum, where you walk out of the fancy, well-lit, fully stocked store (*cough, cough* Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s) with exactly what you wanted, but realize you just spent $13 on organic almond butter. *Sigh*

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Good news, people. Finally, there’s a store stepping in to bridge the gap between the dollar store and Whole Foods. It’s called Brandless, and everything is just $3. So, what does Brandless offer that a traditional dollar store can’t?

Lots of yummy snacks, for one. They’ve got sea salt quinoa chips, organic granola, peanut butter powder and even organic fair-trade coffee, all for just $3 — way cheaper than what you could get at a regular store. They also sell household goods, like balsamic greens and grapefruit-scented dish soap and summer breeze-scented multi-surface cleaner. And beauty products like citrus bergamot hand cream and organic cotton rounds are a steal at $3.

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How does Brandless get away with it? According to the founder, they do it by avoiding the “brand tax.” Since their items are sold exclusively on their own website with no competition, they can spend less money on things like product packaging, shelf space and distribution. That allows them to sell their products at the lowest possible price, so the consumer can get great deals on healthy living products.

While Brandless products will never be in other stores, there’s a chance they may someday have their own brick-and-mortar locations. But for now, you can browse and buy $3 products to your heart’s content on their website,

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