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3 Accessories For the Wine Lover In Your Life—Even if It’s Just You

What’s better than enjoying a glass of wine? Enjoying two glasses. For all you wine lovers out there, we’ve found some of the best online deals on wine and must-have wine accessories. Cheers!

1. With This Wine Awesomeness 3 Pack, What’s There to “Wine” About?

With This Wine Awesomeness 3 Pack, What's There to
Image: SheKnows Shop

You’ve had your share of good wine, but have you ever had a glass directly from Spain or South Africa? How about France? Wine Awesomeness cordially invites you to be a part of their exclusive club, giving you access to high-quality wines every month from all over the world.

Enjoy your carefully crafted Wine Awesomeness: 3 Pack of red, white or mixed variety wines for the discounted price of just $30. With wine of this caliber at that low a price, this purchase is a no brainer.

2. The Closest Thing You’ll Get To a Wine Sippy-Cup

The Closest Thing You'll Get To a Wine Sippy-Cup
Image: SheKnows Shop

There’s nothing worse than spilling a glass of wine—you obviously don’t want to waste those precious sips. Now your wine can be portable and spill-free thanks to this cleverly lidded glass. The Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Glass With Lid is perfect for wine-drinking at home or anywhere.

Start taking your wine-on-the-go with the Stainless Steel Double Walled Wine Glass With Lid for only $21.99.

3. This Incredibly Useful VinEdge Wine Preserver

This Incredibly Useful VinEdge Wine Preserver
Image: SheKnows Shop

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine and couldn’t finish it? Believe it or not, it does happen. Enjoy your wine for longer with the handy VinEdge Wine Preserver. The secret to VinEdge’s wine-preserving power is its anti-oxygen spout system, creating an invisible barrier between the wine and outside air so that the wine doesn’t spoil.

Never again throw away perfectly good wine just because you couldn’t finish it in time. Because wasting wine is just plain wrong. The VinEdge Wine Preserver is currently listed at only $19.99.

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