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McDonald’s Summer Lobster Rolls Are Back — Here’s Where You Can Get One


SheKnows Editorial

In New England, nothing screams summer like a lobster roll. Lobster meat lightly dressed with mayo (or clarified butter depending on who you ask — it’s highly contentious) slapped into a bun (preferably a buttered hot dog roll) with some lettuce is the stuff that summery dreams are made of. And this summer for a limited time, McDonald’s of all places has your seafood cravings covered.

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McDonald’s is serving up lobster rolls — yes, containing actual lobster — for just $8.99 in New England and Hawaii. The lobster is reportedly sourced from lobster fisherman on the East coast. It’s cooked, frozen and shipped to stores, where they thaw the lobster and prepare the sandwiches.

Now, frozen lobster is fine, but it really can’t be compared to succulent fresh lobster. But with a price tag of $8.99, it’s a reasonable substitute for the fresh stuff, which usually costs at least $15 a roll.

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If you’re craving a few bites of seaside pleasure while trapped on the freeway on your commute, McDonald’s is here to answer your call. If you live in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut or Hawaii, you can grab a lobster roll for a limited time this summer. Thanks, McD’s!

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