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Oreo & Dunkin’ Donuts Teamed Up to Create the Breakfast Cookie of Your Dreams

As kids, dunking cookies into milk was the ideal sweet snack. And it’s not that I have anything against milk now, but as an adult, you start to finally appreciate the appeal of coffee — and the appeal of dunking chocolaty goodness into a hot cup. I mean, seriously, the marriage of coffee and chocolate is pretty much perfection, hence the popularity of all things mocha.

I know that; You know that; and Oreo definitely knows that. Their latest flavor capitalizes on everyone’s love of chocolaty coffee goodness. Starting this week, you can buy Oreos flavored with Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. Cookies that are basically made to be eaten for breakfast? Yes, please.

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The cookie is a traditional chocolate Oreo, but the filling is mocha instead of vanilla frosting. Reports reveal you can even taste the espresso when you open the cookie and lick the icing directly, which is clearly the best way to eat an Oreo, anyway.

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This is definitely going to be the standout cookie treat — and maybe even the star food mashup — of the summer, especially when the spinoffs arrive. Mocha Oreo ice cream milkshake anyone? Someone invent that, stat.

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