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Starbucks Might Start Serving Real Lunch Food Soon

If you ever find yourself catching up on work at a Starbucks or ducking into one between appointments, you’ve probably wished there were better food options outside the cellophane-wrapped baked goods and breakfast sandwiches. Were there better food options, would you eat lunch at Starbucks?

If you’re thinking, “Probably!” then we have good news. Starbucks is ready to expand their food program, which currently accounts for about 20 percent of their sales, and right now is testing a fresher lunch program in its Chicago stores. The program is called Mercado, and if it goes well, there are plans to roll it out in other cities this year.

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“It’s all about providing higher-quality, fresh food at lunch,” Starbucks CFO Scott Maw told CNBC. To that end, this new program will not be about prepackaged sandwiches that are prepped and packaged offsite and then arrive frozen, but rather fresher food that is prepared in-store by employees that day.

We’re hopeful this means good things for our future lunch options. Starbucks BLTs and fresh Cobb salads, anyone? We’re here for it!

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