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Baskin-Robbins Is Testing Sundae Milkshakes & We’re 100 Percent Ready

Is there anything better on a sweltering afternoon than a brain freeze-inducingly cold milkshake or ice cream cone? Of course there is. In our culinary world rife with mashups, there’s now a sundae milkshake courtesy of Baskin-Robbins.

Because let’s be real. Life is even better when you don’t have to choose between sundaes and milkshakes but can have both at the same time — which is, of course, why Baskin-Robbins is testing this new glorious dessert mashup.

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How does the sundae milkshake work? Exactly how it sounds. Just choose a milkshake flavor, then choose an ice cream flavor to throw on top in addition to whatever sundae toppings you like. There are countless possibilities. Of course, keep in mind that a sundae milkshake is a delicious treat but still shouldn’t be a daily pursuit of new flavor combinations. Your summer swimsuit will thank you.

This concoction is currently only available at Baskin-Robbins locations in Detroit and New Orleans, but will likely be rolled out nationwide if it does well. And, really, how can it not do well? So take one for the team and give it a try if you happen to come across a store offering this new menu item.

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