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Oreo Candy Canes Are Coming — Consider Us Intrigued

There are certain elements of the holiday season that I’ll never get tired of: mall Santas, eggnog everything and Oreo candy canes — wait, what?

In the latest mish-mash of traditional food favorites, Oreo is launching Cookies & Creme Candy Canes. Yes, a marriage of cream-filled chocolate cookie and a timeless peppermint treat. Will they taste like Oreos? Or more like candy canes? THERE’S JUST SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.

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I know, I know. I’ll give you a second to catch your breath.

As a rule, Oreo anything is going to be some level of delicious, and the concept of getting a few to nibble off our tree all season long? We’re into it. Though based on the picture, the candy canes appear to be the same texture as usual, just with black stripes instead of red. It’s not like it’s a candy cane-shaped Oreo cookie we’re getting.

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Don’t get too excited yet: These won’t be available until the winter of 2017. But still, aren’t we used to counting the days until the holidays, anyway?

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