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Lime Skittles Are Back, & the Happy Tears Won’t Stop


SheKnows Editorial

Skittles is one of my favorite candies, but they’ve severely betrayed my love in the past. About four years ago, they did the unthinkable and swapped lime Skittles for green apple Skittles. All this time later, people are still not pleased.

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Get it together, Skittles! I don’t want to taste the rainbow if the G in your ROYGBIV is green apple and not lime. Who even decided that anyone would prefer green apple to lime? Which apple-loving corporate bigwig infiltrated Skittles’ ranks in order to pull that charade off?

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Apparently, a lot of folks feel just as impassioned as I do about this injustice, because Skittles is bringing back lime for a limited time this summer.

“Long Lost Lime” packs of the chewy fruit candy will be sold at Walmart all summer, and people are soooooo excited.

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If you for some reason love green apple, the regular packs of Skittles will still have them. But if you’re a lime fiend, this is your chance to stock up. Opportunities as sweet as this don’t come every day.

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